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IRADUKUNDA BIZIMANA Gilbert is a competent and hardworking Visual Artist who is able to come up with a range of original ideas, theories and fascinations through various artistic mediums. Gilbert comes to you with a long list of recognised qualifications obtained from Ecole d’Arts de Nyundo in 2014. He has an ability to use animation, pencils, paints, Recycled materials, mixed media and other forms as expressive languages to create art for either sale or exhibition. As someone who has already identified his career direction he is keen and eager to explore and learn other forms of arts for his future ambitions.Continue IRADUKUNDA B. Gilbert

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The following are some projects that I have worked on.They are categorised in tabs, but you can navigate through them or check my Gallery

Les Yeux D'Amour


I can feel it


L'Enfer c'est les autres


Au bout de Bras

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My work has been featured in many different collective exhibitions and festivals:
• 2023 Artmaani Art Exhibition, Nairobi
• 2022 Sur Ma Route Art Exhibition - Solo Exhibition.
• 2021 East Africa Arts Biennal
• 2020 Festival AfroPolitain Nomade
• 2019 East Africa Arts Biennal
• 2019 YouthKonnect Africa Summit
• 2017 Anda Arts Festival
• 2017 Iwacu Nyumbani Arts Exhibition my arts for you,Kigali
• 2016 Kwita Izina Arts Exhibition,Kigali
• 2015 Rwanda Arts Exhibition,Kigali
• 2014 My Democracy Us Ambassador’s residence in Rwanda
• 2014 Kivu Nuru Arts Exhibition.(Goma,DRC)
• 2014 Imago Mundi Arts